I was born in 1983, in London. I am currently based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
I have spoken English and Polish all my life, interpreting for family members since primary school age.
I regard both my spoken English and Polish to be of a native standard.
Whilst completing my GCSEs and A Levels I took Polish as an additional subject (Grade A in both).
Following a yearlong course I completed the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (English Law option).
I have been interpreting professionally for over 15 years. In that time I have undertaken over 3200 assignments.
I have experienced a wide variety of public and private sector work.


National Register of Public Service Interpreters Number: 16368.

Please visit the above link or click here for confirmation  of my credentials.

Other work undertaken:

  1. Preparing appeal letters.
  2. Completing application forms.
  3. Translating documents.
  4. Telephone interpreting.

Experienced bilingual football commentator. Commentating in either English or Polish on a freelance basis for online bookmakers. Over 4500 live radio commentaries.